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PV module and upstream industry chain real-time price quotes October 4, 2021 - October 10, 2021

Posted on 2021-10-11 15:48:07 By Maysun Solar

PV module and upstream industry chain real-time price quotes October 4, 2021 - October 10, 2021

PV silicon price trends.

PV silicon prices continue to rise this week. (Updated every Monday)

PV silicon

Due to the Chinese government's energy regulation policy, PV silicon factory production is restricted and the PV silicon market is in short supply.
PV silicon price rise phenomenon is expected to continue until the end of this month, we are ready to prepare materials to cope with the risk of continued price increases in PV silicon.

Solar wafer price trends.

Solar wafer prices rose slightly this week. (Updated every Monday)

Solar wafer

A number of Chinese solar silicon wafer processing enterprises capacity, can not meet the demand for solar cells and photovoltaic modules. At the same time, PV raw material silicon prices have been changing, resulting in rod pulling and slicing enterprises can not be timely replenishment of supplies, capacity constraints, inadequate shipments, the future of solar wafer prices continue to grow in a small range is very likely.

Solar cell price trend.

With the improvement of production efficiency, the cost pressure per watt of a single cell becomes smaller, solar cell prices only a small price increase. (Updated every Monday)
But upstream photovoltaic silicon and solar wafer prices continue to improve, solar cell prices upward pressure, last week there has been a small increase, this week will continue to rise to reduce the pressure of rising silicon costs.

Solar cell

Many solar module factories can not order goods, part of the module factory according to the order situation and then decide whether to purchase cells, there is a part of the small and medium-sized module factory directly shut down production. Solar cell prices impact the entire photovoltaic industry chain, the strength of the solar module factory have signed a subscription contract in advance to lock the price, so there is no greater upward pressure for the time being.

PV module price trend.

PV module prices may rise to USD 0.29/W. (Updated every Monday)

PV module

Affected by policy PV power plant installation market is hot, coupled with the shortage of PV silicon supply, enterprise power restrictions, PV module production auxiliary materials (backsheet, EVA, glass, junction box, aluminum frame, silicone) prices all rose 10%-30%. Some PV module enterprises miss the low-priced auxiliary materials order, no material to produce, can only stop production. This phenomenon further leads to the PV module supply exceeds demand, module prices continue to pull up.

The price increase is not expected to ease by the end of the year, even if the price of PV silicon material has a slight decline, PV module auxiliary material prices will continue to go up, PV module production costs will also continue to increase. Sea freight is still rising, PV module export prices continue to soar, if there is an urgent project schedule must be ordered early to avoid losses caused by rising costs later.

Solar panel price trend forecast

PV raw material prices continue to rise, PV module prices are expected to return to the level of the second half of 2018.
The impact of the epidemic has led to global inflation, resulting in rising prices of industrial goods, shipping costs are also continuing to increase, the future price of photovoltaic modules is very unlikely to fall, the need to order friends should place orders early to avoid losses caused by continued price increases.