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How does solar power generation work?

Posted on 2021-10-01 18:09:29 By Maysun Solar
Nowadays, environmental protection is a growing concern. Traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and other non-renewable resources are polluting, and the demand for new energy sources is growing. Solar power is a new energy source that is inexhaustible and does not pollute the environment. Here is a brief description of what solar power is all about.

Solar power panels, that is, the sun can generate electricity, photovoltaic power panels Introduction. Photovoltaic power generation system mainly consists of solar cells, batteries, controllers and inverters, of which solar cells are the key part of the photovoltaic power generation system, the quality and cost of solar panels will directly determine the quality and cost of the entire system.

Solar cells are mainly divided into two categories: crystalline silicon cells and thin film cells, the former including monocrystalline silicon cells and polycrystalline silicon cells, the latter mainly including non-crystalline silicon solar cells, copper indium gallium selenide solar cells and cadmium telluride solar cells. Solar photovoltaic power generation refers to the direct conversion of light energy into electricity without the thermal process.

It includes photovoltaic power generation, photochemical power generation, photoinduction power generation and photobiological power generation. Photovoltaic power generation is a direct power generation method that uses solar-level semiconductor electronics to efficiently absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy, which is the mainstream of solar power generation today. There are electrochemical photovoltaic cells, photoelectrolysis cells and photocatalytic cells in photochemical power generation, and the one that is currently getting practical application is photovoltaic cells.

Solar power, also known as photovoltaic power generation, simply means using the energy of solar radiation to convert it into another kind of energy. First of all, a solar receiving device is used, that is, a solar panel. Solar panels are made of a light-sensitive material, and when there is sunlight shining on the panel, the material in the panel will have charge movement which means it will produce voltage, and then a storage device, that is, a solar energy storage battery, will store the voltage so that solar electricity is produced. But at this time the solar energy storage battery storage TV DC electricity, not household AC electricity. Then we need another conversion equipment - inverter. The so-called inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current. The electricity coming out through the inverter is AC electricity, so that the conversion process of solar energy to domestic electricity is realized.

solar cells

I believe that with the progress of technology, the price of solar panels will gradually reduce, and the conversion efficiency will gradually improve. I believe that in the near future, we can make full use of solar energy to meet our demand for electricity.
solar cells