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Behind maysun solar - a story of indomitable struggle


Behind maysun solar - a story of indomitable struggle

Behind the Maysun brand is a long and hard story. Initially, Gangyuan entered the photovoltaic industry to produce and sell silicon wafers. After the market gradually became saturated, Gangyuan sought new development and began to produce photovoltaic modules. With its own ability, it established a factory and established the GH brand within one year, and sold it at home and abroad. Only relying on Alibaba International Station could not successfully develop the international market, GH began to develop abroad. Pakistan is the first choice of GH. After experiencing problems such as language barrier and difficulty in product supply, it successfully established its first overseas branch. Relying on the accumulated funds and experience, GH officially entered the Middle East market and established a second branch in Arabia. The strength of the GH brand expanded and the products spread to the Middle East and African countries. GH then replicated the successful model in Asia. Then, GH started to develop the high-end market from Australia, set up a sales office in Melbourne, and established the Maysun brand at the same time, and began to develop the European and American markets. Because Maysun lacked understanding of the high-end market and failed to follow the old model, after reflection, Maysun began to focus on R&D and quality control, established branches in Germany and Italy, and opened up the European market. In recent years, under the influence of the epidemic, Maysun has embarked on the road of online marketing, and the story continues....

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